Price List

Rocker Covers

Our number one specialty is rocker cover refurbishment for Honda Type R cars. We stock B & K series rocker covers for all models including the EP3, DC5, FN2 & FD2 variant version of the K20 engine cover. We offer a part exchange service so you are not without your car whilst the work is carried out. Unless of course you'd prefer to send your own for refurbishment. It's not just Honda rocker covers we can work on though, almost any manufacturer you can think of; we can refurb it.

All rocker covers are chemically stripped of old paint, prepped with an air sander to remove aluminium corrosion and ensure a thoroughly prepared surface for paint.

They are then cleaned with solvent based panel wipe, acid etch primed through a HVLP spray gun before being painted in either the ever popular wrinkle paint finish or super smooth glossy finish. We boast a wide range of colour choices including the popular spoon yellow, J's racing teal & manufacturer themed designs including our mugen & spoon race car designs. Please enquire for further information & throw us a request, almost anything is possible. It's what we do best!!

Please note that there is a £70 surcharge that is refunded once your old rocker cover is received.

All B, K, H22 & F Series rocker covers share the list below for part exchange deals:

PART EXCHANGE BASIS: (paintwork price listed below without the refundable £70 surcharge & postage cost.)

  • £85 For OEM wrinkle finishes (red & black)
  • £90 For non metallic paint (e.g Spoon Yellow, Takata Green)
  • £95 - 105 For metallic paint (e.g my take on J's racing blue, Honda Knighthawk black pearl)
  • £120 For flip paints (many available please pm)
  • £120 for 3 stage candys and pearls (many candy paints available please pm)
  • £140 for brand themed paintwork designs – MUGEN stripes theme / SPOON sports cracker design / Project MU / Dotted Honda logo design.

For example; EP3 K20 in wrinkle red is £145 with a £70 refund for your old cover. Postage is £14.90 delivered next day with UPS insured for £100. I am happy to use other couriers depending on the customers request.

OUTRIGHT BUYS - Subject to stock levels - follow our Facebook page to see latest Sales posts.

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

Here at Spooner Restorations we offer alloy wheel refurbishment. Our services include;

  • Acid dipping
  • Removal and repair of kerb marks and scuffs
  • Full colour changes in a wide range of options including hyper silvers, shadow chrome, RAYS bronze & gold, flip paints & candy paint.

Prices start from £50 per wheel for 15", ranging to £70 for 17". For example a set of Integra type R DC2 wheels painted in championship white. Centre caps can additionally be repaired & painted using either decals or painted logos at an additional price. Prices will vary depending on the condition of your wheels and the paint finish you are after. Please drop us a message for a quote & to discuss your requirements.


£140 for brembo / similar calipers e.g stop tech / project mu etc. Prices may fluctuate depending on what colour your after. For £140 you get a solid colour, brembo decals are included for the price.

Inlet Manifolds

RBC / RRC Prices start from £80 for wrinkle paints, ranging to £140 for candys / flips. Unwanted brackets can be ground off and smoothed out for an extra £30. Please note that for smooth paint finishes the casting marks on the manifolds are all smoothed out before paintwork.

As most of you know I can pretty much paint anything you want, so if there is something you need painted whether it be cold air intake pipes for example, just ask and I will give you a quote. Funds can be saved if a project and other parts are all done in the same colour and painted at the same time.